Research Methods: Unpack Object

Object EYEGLASSES Brainstorming Questions: Of what material(s) are glasses made? What common/possible materials for frames? What common/possible materials for lenses? How are lenses made? How does a prescription define the process of crafting a lens? Where are lenses made? How do lenses physically correct vision/bend light? What kind of technology advanced led to better vision …

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Models of Models

Models of Models Hugh Dubberly in Interactions (2009) "Models describe relationships: parts that make up wholes; structures that bind them; and how parts behave in relation to one another." Models bridge the gap between observing and making. Evidence leads to model building. With this acquired sense, we can mold, predict, manipulate the world around us, and eventually …

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Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn Joseph D. Novak & D.Bob Gowin Chapter 1. Learning about Learning "We are concerned with educating people and with helping people to learn to educate themselves." Two tools: Concept maps Educational Vee diagrams Chapter 2. Concept Mapping for Meaningful Learning Concept maps showcase relationships between concepts in the form of propositions …

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