3 Trips Assignment: Ideas + Sketches

For the 3 Trips Assignment, we must design a map/diagram which documents the route of three trips: (1) from our local living space to Northeastern, (2) from our childhood home to our local living space, and (3) from Boston to an overseas destination. Each of these trips must be shown simultaneously (one document or pamphlet) and descriptions should not be favored over visual representation.

For this assignment I labeled the trips: Local, Continental, International (respectively). These trips are from specific address to specific address, including the transportation methods employed as if the trip was happening today. My local trip uses the subway from apartment to studio space in Boston, a commute. My continental trip uses car (both personal and über services) and airplane from Dayton, Ohio to Boston. My international trip uses a combination of walking, bus, subway and airplane (including layover in Paris) to go from Boston to the Franz Kafka Monument in Prague, Czech Republic.

Statue de Kafka par Jaroslav Rona, Prague, Republique techeque
Statue de Kafka  Jaroslav Rona, Prague

Idea 1:

Idea 1

Modeled after ØString’s “Roadtrip 2009”
Circular element representing time overlays a geographical route. Icons surround the circular element to represent landmarks. The routes in proportion to each other’s time arranged for comparison on bottom.

Idea 2:

Idea 2

Modeled after Boyack + Klavans + Paley’s “Relationships Among Scientific Paradigms”
A non-euclidean, spherical map of the northern hemisphere shows all three routes in their entirety; callouts zoom in on the parts of the map that aren’t flight related (Dayton, Boston, Prague). Lines connect various parts of the map and routes: connects can form from a multitude of realms, such as emotional, geographical, historical, environmental, social, etc. Along the outside of the globe, time/distance are measured in proportional radians. Callouts help describe historical, natural, or environmental landmarks.

Idea 3:

Idea 3
Idea 3
Idea 3
Idea 3
Idea 3 - Mechanics
Idea 3 – Mechanics

Based of Felton’s “Feltron Atlas 2008”
Each route will exist on a series of foldable equilateral triangles that allow viewers to see each trip in an “overview” mode (where the entire route is visible) or in “detail” mode (where the beginning and ends of route are detailed/zoomed in on). The colored in flaps in the third picure show where the extra variables will be (historical context, temperature, total time, etc). The mechanics are only worked out for the first two routes.