MBTA Accessibility Workshop

Beaconing: when a system offers information to users Puddling: when sonic information is contained within, and only within, a distance appropriate to those who need the information Information Equivalency: information in different forms (visual, tactile, sonic) remain distinct from each other, yet allow equal access to information The most important concept gathered from this workshop …

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Sound and Memory: Sketches

To first understand how perception of sound and memory of that sound, our team began to take walks around the Northeastern University area, near Ruggles Station. We then traced our path on an aerial map and recounted when we remember certain sounds sources being perceivable and which weren't. We then took a survey of patrons …

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Sonic Commons Project: Sound and Memory

For the Sonic Commons project, students should analyze a sonic phenomena from observations and experiences in the space at Ruggles Station. “What does it mean to explore a phenomenon? An explanation is never the phenomenon itself, but only a refracted image of it, like looking at a scene through a prism." -- Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter, …

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