Perspective Mapping: South Station

Tasked with returning to South Station, the following observations were made in light of an essay by urban media designer, Martijn de Waal (of The Mobile City) entitled The City as Interface: How New Media Are Changing the City. In the essay, de Waal specifies some public space as part of the "urban public sphere," namely any accessible …

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Mapping Public Spaces: South Station Part 2

After two assignments considering the mapping of South Station, this capstone project is both a summary of research and critique of mapping methodology. The first visualization observes activity of patrons of South Station in the ticketing and food court atrium. Dots are placed on a plan view of the atrium to show different activity by location. …

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Mapping Public Space: South Station

ARTG 6330: Mapping Strategies joint studio with NU Architecture Assigment 1: Mapping Public Spaces at South Station For the first assignment, groups will need to identify a phenomena that structures space in South Station in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Once the phenomena is identified, collect data to map the space and visual techniques to clarify the …

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