Letterform Assignment: Edits

To see previous iteration of this project: https://pjodonnel.wordpress.com/2015/09/16/letterform-assignment-black-white-draft/ Final Drafts: Using Impact, a bold geometrically abstract typeface, COMPLETE in caps takes up a full space of text, versus incomplete in lowercase leaving negative space with ascenders and descenders, and the form-background colors where inverted to draw attention to this. The cropping of the composition further emphasizes COMPLETEly shown. …

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Letterform Assignment: Black + White Draft

For the first assignment of Visual Communication Design: Typography (ARTG5130), students must choose six of the following word pairs and design a 6" x 6" composition using exclusively the form of the word. Use scale, overlap, cropping and depth in order create a dynamic composition that helps to convey meaning. shy/outgoing fast/slow in/out complete/incomplete nature/nurture fight/flight …

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