Glasses: This Object and its Origin

Objects exist in multiplicity. The physicality of this specific pair of glasses is just one perspective in defining these glasses. From where did these glasses come? Of what materials are these glasses crafted? What parts of these glasses are unique to myself? What important milestones have these glasses passed? Where and when do these glasses …

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Plot and ggplot2 with R-Studio

Data from Vision Problems in the U.S. provides estimates of the prevalence of eye-disorders in the US by state in adults 40 and older. Here is the initial outputs of my work with R-Studio statistical software: When plot() is envoked on R-Studio, a matrix of plots are established by header columns. This particular function ran very slow, …

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GLASSES \ data

Behavioral Risk Factors - Vision & Eye Health 2005-2013 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "In 2013 and subsequently, one question in the core of BRFSS asks about vision: Are you blind or do you have serious difficulty seeing, even when wearing glasses? From 2005-2011 the BRFSS employed a ten question vision module regarding vision impairment, …

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