Upon starting classes in my first year of Northeastern University’s Information Design and Visualization MFA program, many of the faculty requested that any material related to class (readings, sketches, observations, reactions, research, etc.) be recorded as to show progress and effort.

This blog is just that: a record of progress.

With this blog I intend to coalesce two years worth of classwork with design and visualization curiosities that find me along the way. The posts will cover the design process comprehensively, giving insight into my personal concept of making and creative craft.

Current & Previous* Classes:

  1. 5100: Information Design Studio 1 – Fundamentals*
  2. 5110: Information Design History*
  3. 5130: Visual Communications/Typography*
  4. 5330: Visualization Technology*
  5. 6330: Mapping Strategies*
  6. 5120: Information Design Research Methods
  7. 6100: Information Design Studio 2 – Dynamic Mapping
  8. 6900: Special Topics in Information Design: Visualization Technology Workshop
  9. 6110: Information Design Theory and Critical Thinking

Current & Previous* Classes Instructor Assistant:

  1. 2200: Programming Basics (Java/Processing)

Patrick J. O’Donnel
BS Ohio State ’13, MFA Northeastern ’17


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