Twitterbot TeaParty: Ready, Set, _Bot

My first twitter bot is active: @door_mouse_bot The non-sequitur twitter bot was made according to a tutorial by Lauren Orsini. Tweets from


Twitterbot Tea Party

Elevator Pitch "Twitterbot Tea Party" NEU IDV | Spring 2016  | Studio 2 Final Proposal In the vein of legendary @horse_ebooks twitter bot, I am proposing an analysis of twitter bot algorithms performed in succession to discern how a bot's semantics and sentimentality shift away from cognition. A chain of three twitter bots will take …

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Grounded Theory for Qualitative Research

Glaser and Strauss (1967); Strauss and Corbin (1990); Glaser (1992) based on Dick, Bob (2005)  Grounded theory: a thumbnail sketch ... Grounded theory begins with a research situation, and observations regarding such a situation. Constant comparison is the heart of the process. Compare interview data with other interview data, then make theories, compare that theory to interview data, …

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